Interviews with Dick Nichols re Catalonia and Spain,Tony Iltis re India and the left, Mike Nai-Smith re Public housing

Friday, 1 June 2018 - 7:00am to 8:30am

7am Intro and acknowledgement of country

702am News: 

Refugee protestor arbitrarily arrested outside Sydney ABC studios during QandA

Ireland votes overwhelmingly to overturn anti abortion laws

704am CFMEU votes with ALP right to cut short Vic ALP conference including stopping motion calling for Manus and Nauru to be closed. Progressive legislation around industrial manslaughter promised by vic premier Dan Andrews if re-elected. 

716am Green Left Radio's Lalitha Chelliah talks with Green Left Europe correspondent Dick Nichols with the latest on Catalonia's independence struggle

735am News:

- Further coverage of Irish abortion referendum

Surveillance capitalism

745am Jacob and Zane speak with Mike Nai-Smith from the Public Housing Defence Network about the fight to stop Vic Labor permanently privatising Melbourne's 9 major public housing estates

8am activist calendar

808am music "Never Knew" by Do the Robot

812am Jacob and Zane speak with Tony Iltis about his recent visit to the Communist Party of India - Marxist Leninist (Liberation) national conference. The Indian left are struggling against the far right BJP government of Narendra  Modi whose government is aligned with fascist elements. Agricultural struggles inclusing against Adani are a key battlefront in a country where openly Communist ideas are still popular among the working class and peasantry