Interviews with Mahmut Kahraman from the Kurdish community; Rebecca Langley from the Free West Papua movement

Friday, 23 March 2018 - 7:00am to 8:30am
7am intro and acknowledgement of country
702am News: 

Austin bomber - media neglects to label Mark Anthony Conditt a 'terrorist' because he is white. 

Palestinian woman Ahed Tamimi jailed for 8 months after slapping Israeli soldier in the face.

710am Jacob and Zane Interview Mahmut Kahraman about the invasion and aerial bombing of the Kurdish democratic confederal province of Afrin in North Western Syria (but really it is part of what is historically Kurdistan). A kurdish cultural monument has been destroyed and around 500 civilians killed as Turkish flags and Free Syrian Army flags are placed throughout. An international day of solidarity is happening tomorrow (March 24).

730am News: ACTU launches change the rules campaign

745am  Jacob and Zane interview Lucho Riquelme from the Latin America Solidarity Network (LASNET) about the upcoming tour of Venezuelan activist Pacha Guzman.
Pacha is a member of the Ezequiel Zamora Peasant National Front (FNCEZ) and the Revolutionary Current Bolivar Zamora (CRBZ), a tendency within the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and will be discussing the gains made by the revolutionary movement in Venezuela as well as the challenges faced.

755am News: Conflict erupts on Melbourne waterfront between workers and Qube Ports

8am activist calendar 

8:10am Jacob and Zane interview Rebecca Langley about an upcoming tour of speakers from occupied West Papua. The speaking tour will focus on how Indonesian police and paramilitary units given training and material assistance by Australia have been directly responsible for violent repression and murders of West Papuan freedom fighters and community organisers.