Discussion re Invasion day; Interviews- Frieda Afray -Middle Eastern Socialists re Iran; Neil Morris re a gig ; Mareiki Onus re Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance

Friday, 26 January 2018 - 7:00am to 8:30am

7.00 – Intro and Acknowledgement of the traditional owners

7.02 – announcements about all events that are on in relation to Invasion day.

7.05- discussion about the political pressures from the Liberals and other prominent people about increasing emphasis on “National pride” as opposed to recognising the colonisation and genocide that happened in Australia; Australia gained prominence since 1994; a promotion of ANZAC day; The uniqueness of Australia is the presence of Aboriginal people and their history;

7.15 - Interview with Frieda Afrya; a member of the Middle Eastern Socialists from Los Angeles– discusses the protests happening in Iran. This interview was conducted by Lalitha Chelliah and Ma.ry Merkenich and is a pre-record.

7.50 – GLW Calendar

8.03 Interview with Neil Morris – from an Aboriginal music group - Dreaming Now – organising a gig called ‘we survived’. Many songs are sung in language.

8.15 Interview with Mareiki Onus from “Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance” regarding their view on Invasion day;

This program ends after the last interview without an outro

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