Interview with Dick Nichols on the Catalonia crisis and Coral Wynter on Venezuela and the attacks by the USA

Friday, 6 October 2017 - 7:00am to 8:30am

7: Intro and welcome to country

7.03 Interview with Dick Nichols on the refrendum in Catalonia and the reaction of the Spaish government; The reaction from the EU and other countries; Response to the crack down on the referendum from the people of Catalonia and Spain and other political parties in Spain. Response to the royal intervention.

7.25: News from Green Left Weekly News paper: 50 years since the death of Che Guevara; The mellinials and their plight - jobless and homeless; Adani and extra information on this project supported by the state and federal governments; reaction to the NRL support for marriage equality;  More deaths in custody- the continuation of the murder of more black lives in custody;

8.00; The activist calendar

8.10: Interview with Coral Wynter who traveled with an international delgation to Venezuela;  discussion about the realities there and the strategies used by the right wing with the support of the USA and some surrounding countries;

8.23 Close program