A green aurora in the sky over water.
19 May 2024
Trev and Meg
Photo of Emma Hakansson and her books
28 Apr 2024
Caroline & Trev with Emma Hakansson
Orcas swimming in the ocean
21 Apr 2024
Trev and Meg
Photo of Dilan Fernando
7 Apr 2024
Dilan Fernando and Nick Pendergrast
Guest Kyle Behrend standing out in a field
24 Mar 2024
Trev and Meg with guest Kyle Behrend
Photo of Adam, Nick and Lottie at 3CR
17 Mar 2024
Adam, Lottie and Nick
Photos provided by Animal Liberation Tasmania of Kristy Alger and the Defund TasRacing campaign
10 Mar 2024
Caroline & Trev with Kristy Alger
Photo of Mark, Meg and Lydia in the studio.
3 Mar 2024
Meg and Nick with guests Lydia and Mark
Photo of Dr Leila Dehghan holding a sign which says Vegans for Palestine at a solidarity rally
25 Feb 2024
Caroline with guest Dr Leila Dehghan