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Voiceless Law Lecture Series 2017, David Robinson Simon
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Melbourne Chicken Save, Melbourne Pig Save, Melbourne Sheep Save & Melbourne Cow Save
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Vegan vox pops
Emma Hurst - Registered Psychologist & Campaign Director at Animal Liberation - 2015 Animal Activist Forum presentation
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Freedom of Species
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How the greyhound racing industry's live baiting practices were exposed
Chay Neal & Rebecca Russo
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Freedom of Species
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Bruce Friedrich - Animal Activist Forum 2015
Kate elliott,Bruce Friedrich
The critical impact of livestock farming on climate change & how the media reports on it
Gerard Wedderburn-Bisshop (BZE) & Judith Friedlander (UTS)
A talk given by Dr Balcombe at the Abbotsford Convent
Dr Jonathon Balcombe
Clare Mann - Animal Activists Forum 2015
Clare Mann
A presentation from the 2015 Animal Activists Forum
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The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses
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Emmanuel Giuffre - Australian Dairy Industry
Emmanuel Giuffre
Dr Timothy Pachirat - Australasian Animal Studies Association Conference
Dr Timothy Pachirat
Animal Activists Forum 2015
David Risstrom, Daniel Beecher, Senator Lee Rhiannon, Bede Carmody
Freedom of Species
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Namibia's annual seal slaughter & South Australia's proposed seal cull
Pat Dickens, Nikki Botha, Peter Shaughnessy & Phil Cornelius
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Freedom of Species
Lawyers For Animals - President Nichola Donovan
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The Human Rights of Vegans.
Greg McFarlane and Jeanette Rowley
Justin Van Kleeck, co-founder of the Microsanctuary Movement
Justin Van Kleeck
Freedom of Species
Anne Lloyd-Jones -Australian Director of Animals Asia, Simon & Mark from Less Meat Less Heat, Paul Mahony -Terrastendo blogger
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Freedom of Species
These two species have brought together John Lemon of Painted Dog Conservation and Kevin Richardson to collaborate on an Australian speaking tour to help raise awareness of the plight of these two remarkable species. We chat with Kevin about the campaign against lion canned hunting imploring tourists to South Africa to be discerning when it comes to partaking in any 'lion conservation/tourism' as one may well be stroking the hands of a thoroughly cruel & sinister industry. We also chat with John about his inspiring projects that all stem from his mandate to help protect and save painted dogs.
Kevin Richardson, John Lemon, Emma Townshend
Meat & climate change - Australia's livestock industry
Gerard Wedderburn-Bisshop and Judith Friedlander
Dr Dinesh Wadiwe
kate elliott, Dr Dinesh Wadiwe
A recent paper written by Leah Gibbs, Jennifer Atchison & Ingereth Macfarlane & published in Geoforum raises many questions about the place of camels in Australia. When do we accept that a species belongs here? What does the story of the camel have to tell us about our cultural development when it comes to ethnicity? While some view camels as ferals to eradicate others are building up their camel herds to eat unwanted weeds.Tune in Sunday as we chat with Leah Gibbs. Photo courteousy of Jennifer Aitchison -Thankyou Jennifer!
Dr Leah Gibbs chats to Emma Townshend
The Ethics of Using Animals in Research-Normalising the Unthinkable
Roy Taylor, Clair Linzey
Freedom of Species
Executive Director Mia Macdonald
1080 Poisons our ecologies
Adam O'Neill, Andy Meddick
We catch up with Mark Pearson. Mark is an Animal Justice Party general committee member, the Registered Officer for NSW and AJP’s lead candidate for the Legislative Council
Presenter - Kate Elliott Guest - Mark Pearson Animal Justice Party
The ban on importation of canned hunted lion trophies to Australia.
Donalea Patman and Roy Taylor
The Kosciusko Brumbies Public Consultation
Dr Arian Wallach, Colleen O'Brien