Eastern Falsistrelle bat, pic by Microbats of Melbourne
24 Jul 2022
Davita & Adam, with Ericka
Photo of Emma Hakansson at the book launch of How Veganism Can Save Us
17 Jul 2022
Caroline & Trev with guest Emma Hakansson
Image of a vampire
10 Jul 2022
Nick Pendergrast and Harley McDonald-Eckersall
Saskia wth Paddy (left), Sharkie (middle front), Velvet (middle back), and Bridie (right)
3 Jul 2022
Davita & Trev, with Saskia Adams
Photo of Amy Soranno, Nick Schafer and Roy Sasano
26 Jun 2022
Amy Soranno, Nick Schafer, Roy Sasano and Harley McDonald-Eckersall
3CR Radiothon 2022
19 Jun 2022
The FoS Team: Adam, Caroline, Davita, Harley, Nick & Trev.
People casting their votes at an Australian federal election voting booths.
15 May 2022
Meg Watkins, Animal Justice Party Candidate; Kristin Leigh, Animal Activists at Vegan Rising; Adam Cardilini