Zane McNeill on animal rights advocacy and addressing anti-carceral veganism

Sunday, 21 May 2023 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Photo of Zane McNeill looking at camera

 We speak with Zane McNeill, a nonbinary scholar-activist from West Virginia who has published edited collections with Sanctuary Publishers, PM Press, and Lantern Publishing & Media. They were the recipient of the 2022 National Lawyer Guild’s Legal Worker Award for their labor and animal rights organizing and are a co-manager of the nonprofit, Rights for Animal Rights Advocates (RARA).

 Topics discussed include animal rights advocacy and organising, dismantling racial and carceral capitalism and how that impacts veganism, their books and more

 Zane's books include:

  • Queer and Trans Voices: Achieving Liberation through Consistent Anti-Oppression edited by Julia Feliz & Zane McNeill (Sanctuary Publishers, 2020)
  • Vegan Entanglements: Dismantling Racial and Carceral Capitalism edited by Zane McNeill (Lantern Publishing, 2022)
  • Y'all Means All: The Emerging Voices Queering Appalachia edited by Zane McNeill (PM Press, 2022)
  • Politics as Public Art: the Aesthetics of Political Organizing and Social Movemements edited Martin Zebracki & Zane McNeill (Routledge, 2022).  

 You can also find Zane's writing on Truthout:, Sentient Media and Law@The Margins

  Rights for Animal Advocates (RARA) is a non-profit organization co-founded by Zane and Ayse Deniz Kavur. RARA was set up to ensure that animal rights advocates work or volunteer under just and sustainable conditions, for the sake of humans and nonhumans alike. 

 RARA's criteria for just and equitable workplaces which we discuss on the show can be found here:

  Music played:

  • "Frog on the Floor" by 100 gecs 
  • "Gender Binary (Fuck You)" by Ryan Cassata 
  • "Yharg Pt. 1: The Gravedigger" by Professor Goldstein 

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