Getting to Know Microbats in Melbourne

Sunday, 24 July 2022 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Eastern Falsistrelle bat, pic by Microbats of Melbourne

Australia has eighty odd species of microbats. We live closely together with them, and we are mostly unaware. So let's get to know them! Our wonderful guest Ericka from Microbats of Melbourne guides us through the microbat world. You'll definitely come around to bats after listening this podcast! 

Some of the bats we discussed:

Gould wattle bat, Little forest bat, Ghost bat, Southern bent wing bat (federally listed as endangered), Eastern bent wing (listed as endangered at state level), Eastern horseshoe bat (listed as endangered at state level), Lesser long ear bat, Chocolate wattled bat.



Ericka is a licensed and vaccinated bat carer. Do not touch or handle bats yourself, no matter how cute or small they seem. Instead, call Ericka directly when you find a bat in Melbourne on 0407636688. You can also call Wildlife Victoria on 84007300 who will reach out to licensed batcarers. 


Show image by Microbats of Melbourne. 



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