The Excelsior 4 - Activist Suppression in Canada

Sunday, 26 June 2022 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Photo of Amy Soranno, Nick Schafer and Roy Sasano

In 2019 50 activists were arrested as part of a 'Meat the Victims' action inside Excelsior Hog Farm in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. This farm is regarded by the industry as one of the "best" farms - owned and operated by a board member of the BC Pork Producers Association. The action was in response to undercover footage from within the farm which showed unimaginable suffering and abuse. An extensive police investigation led to our guests Amy Sorrano, Nick Schafer and Roy Sasano, as well as the whistleblower responsible for the footage, Geoff Regier, being charged with a combined 21 indictable offenses (the highest criminal level in Canada). While Geoff has had his charges dropped, the remaining 3 of the Excelsior 4, who are still facing charges are finally starting trial this month, on June 27. It will be an extensive four-week trial by jury in the BC Supreme Court, and they face years in prison if convicted.

 Our Guests:
  •  Amy Soranno - An activist and public speaker who gives workshops on animal activism & civil disobedience. Amy has engaged in farm occupations, slaughterhouse lockdowns, open rescues, and other forms of direct action across North America as well as being a Meat the Victims Canada organizer, Ban Fur Farm BC (BFFBC) co-founder, past Animal Save Movement organizer, and animal agriculture investigator:
  •  Nick Schafer - A professional photographer & videographer and an animal agriculture investigator:
  •  Roy Sasano - The former communications officer and 2nd officer (later becoming the Executive Officer) aboard M/V FARLEY MOWAT (II) during Operation Milagro 2 with Sea Shepherd. Roy is also a Royal Canadian Navy veteran, past Animal Save Movement organizer, and animal agriculture investigator:
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