Being the Only Vegan at the Dinner Table: Exploring the Social Aspects of Veganism

Sunday, 7 May 2023 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Photo of Lottie – our guest for this show.

Lottie, Meg and Nick discuss the social aspects of veganism, including highlighting the benefits of being a visible vegan from an advocacy point of view versus the social difficulties this can sometimes bring up.



 The festive table is set. Is now a good time to mention I’m vegan? By Zoya Patel:

 Celebs like Aubrey Plaza and Emma Roberts are getting slammed for Big Milk ad campaigns: 'I thought we left the cow milk propaganda in the 90s'. By Jordan Hart:

 If you encounter sick, injured or orphaned wildlife, please call Wildlife Victoria on 03 8400 7300. For more information, see for more information.

 We urge you to advocate for the animals and enter a submission outlining why you think duck shooting should be banned. These submissions to the Victorian parliament regarding recreational duck shooting end this Monday 8th of May:



 Animal liberation by Los Fastidios:

 Apparently I’m A “P.C. Fascist” (Because I care about both human and non-human animals) by Propagandhi:

 Happy Loner by Marina:

 Fire In The Booth (part 1) by Akala:


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