Valuing the world's disappearing kelp forests

Sunday, 2 July 2023 - 11:00am to 11:30am
Kelp forests giant seaweed underwater with fish swimming around:  iStock-150671961.jpg

Valuing the world's disappearing kelp forests

Kelp forests are disappearing around the world and in Australia due to warming oceans, pollution and other human impacts.

In this episode of Earth Matters we speak with Aaron Egar, marine scientist at the University of New South Wales about his research on the value of kelp forests, the Kelp Forest Alliance and Kelp Forest Challenge


We also hear from Deborah Wace, a botanical artist, fabric designer and professional print maker from Tasmania who uses kelp and other endangered Tasmanian plants in her designs to show their beauty, tell their stories and why they neredto be protected.


Photo credit: iStock-150671961 Kelp Forest

Music:  Let the Franklin Flow by Goanna (Gordon Franklin Wilderness Ensemble)


Earth Matters Episode #1407

Produced by Judith Peppard


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