Threats to Australia’s amazing wild bees

Sunday, 26 February 2023 - 11:00am to 11:30am
Amegilla dawsoni female. Photo courtesy of Kit Prendergast

Threats to Australia's wild bees


Around sixteen hundred and fifty species of bees indigenous to Australia have been identified through western science and it’s estimated that well over a thousand are yet to be described. As bulldozers clear even more land and wildfires decimate the bush, Australia's native bee species are being added to the IUCN Red List and there are fears that more will be lost. Across Australia people are working to eductae the public about our incredible native bees, conducting research to find out more about them and creating safe havens to protect them.


Judith speaks with Paul Craft-Burragun from Burragun Aboriginal Cultural Services, Kit Prendergast, native bee ecologist and science communicator, James Dorey ecologist, evolutionary biologist and taxonomist at Flinders University and Emma Cutting, author of the Melbourne Pollinator Corridor Handbook.


Thank you to Vicki Powys for permission to use of the sound of the Lipotriches flavoviridis wild bee buzz-pollinating a native Solanum flower recorded in the Capertee Valley in  New South Wales and published in 2016.


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Paul Craft-Burragun


Kit Prendergast


James Dorey


Emma Cutting


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