"The Path to a Sustainable Civilization", by Mark Diesendorf and Rod Taylor.

Saturday, 29 July 2023 - 11:00am to 11:30am
The Path to a Sustainable Civilization

Hear Rod Taylor co-author of a new book The Path to a Sustainable Civilization with Mark Diesendorf.

with Ecopella environment choir singing  “Let's Pretend” and “My Kyoto”.

“Break the bonds of corporate state capture. “The way out of our black hole is to build social movements to pressure the government and big business, to weaken the power of vested interests and strengthen democratic decision-making.

This must be done with actions on climate, energy, natural resources, and social justice.
Our goal is an ecologically sustainable, socially just civilization.”

                                                                            Book webpage  The Path to a Sustainable Civilisation – This civilization is broken. Let's fix it.

“Its conclusions about the need for social movements to fight the corporate capture of our politics seem particularly relevant.” —Bill McKibben, Schumann Distinguished Scholar, Middlebury College, and author of The End of Nature

Mark Diesendorf is Honorary Associate Professor in the Environment & Society Group, School of Humanities & Languages at UNSW Sydney


Rod Taylor is a freelance science writer and journalist. His book, Ten Journeys on a Fragile Planet (2020), has received strong positive reviews and has been the subject of numerous public appearances.


Links  Book webpage  The Path to a Sustainable Civilisation – This civilization is broken. Let's fix it.


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