HR23: Preventing drug-related harm; protecting human rights

Sunday, 28 May 2023 - 11:00am to 11:30am
Northern Thailand: Aerial photograph of rivers and mountains -waranont-joe-BQr79FtU17g-unsplash

HR23: Preventing drug-related harm; protecting human rights

Strength in Solidarity was the theme of the Harm Reduction International Conference held in Naarm/Melbourne from April 16th to 19th this year. Policy makers, advocates, people who use drugs, academics and service providers called for an end to the international war on drugs and the punitive policies that have a devastating effect on some of the world’s poorest people and on the environment.

We hear from:
Rachel Stephen-Smith, ACT Minister for Health on the move to decriminalise possession of small quantities of drugs for personal use

Kirsten Han, from the Transformative Justice Collective in Singapore, working to end the death penalty

Nilawan Pitakpanawong, Thai Drug Users Network, on the Mobile Methadone Program for Drug Users in Ethnic groups in Northern Thailand

Diego Andres Lugo-Vivas, academic and activist from CET Academic programs in Colombia on the environmental impact of the war on drugs


To hear Helen Clark, Chair of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, address the Harm Reduction International Conference go to the following link:

Photo: Northern Thailand waranont-joe-Unsplash

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