Fire threatens endangered purple-crowned fairy-wren

Sunday, 5 November 2023 - 11:00am to 11:30am
Male Purple Crowned Fairywren Niki Teunissen/AWC

Fire threat to purple-crowned fairy-wren


Wildfire threatens the survival of the endangered purple-crowned fairy-wren, a tiny bird that lives in riparian zones, along the rivers and creeks of Australia’s northern tropical savanna.


Anne Peters and Niki Teunissen have been studying the purple-crowned fairy-wren at the Mornington Marion Downs Wildlife Sanctuary for almost twenty years. During this time one low-intensity fire and one high-intensity fire burnt through their study site. They tell us why they began studying this remarkable bird, what they’ve learned and the impact the fires have had.



Anne Peters Professor, Behavioual ecology, Monash University

Niki Teunissen Behavioual ecologogist, Post-doctoral researcher, Wageningen University in the Netherlands and Monash University



Photo credit: Niki Teunissen/AWC


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