Benny Zable on maintaining activism and Arcology

Sunday, 11 September 2022 - 11:00am to 11:30am
Benny Zable in costume

Benny Zable is a radical performance and visual artist. Benny wears  a gas mask and white gloves. Have you seen him?  

He has been present at many camps to defend nature: Save The Franklin, Stop Roxby Uranium mine, to stop the Whitehaven Coal Mine, Stop Adani, Occupy Wall Street and numerous campaigns to keep Uranium  in the ground and for peace.

Today Benny gives us the secret of staying so productively active year after year. 

He also describes arcology; the principle of building living spaces and towns that nurture community in harmony with the natural world.  

Correction: Apologies: Benny was not a visual designer at the Aquarius Festival . He went to the festival "to do my thing  with friends from Melbourne" but had  "nothing to do  the 73 official festival." 

Earth Matters Episode #1365 was  produced by Bec Horridge


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