The Last Forests: It's blockade time again folks!

Sunday, 21 February 2021 - 11:00am to 11:30am
2 women sit in an iconic vintage style cast iron bed painted white with brass knobs on a luxurious mattress with a white sheet. The two women are young, fresh faced and smiling. The bed has been raised up with ropes high above the ground up a huge old blue gum too create an unusual and striking looking tree sit high in the forest canopy. A banner is draped of the bed that saya Forest Defence NSW and FDN, and also depicts a picture of a more classic looking tree-sit with the words Defend Native Forests

The Last Forests: It's blockade time again folks!

Chris Schuringa from Goongerah Environment Centre speaks with Nicky Stott about how concerned community members & activists up in the Errinundra Plateau have been putting themselves on the frontline to protect some of the last unburnt forest of East Gippsland from being logged.

Juliet Fox speaks with staunch tree-sitter Issaac Carne just before he is arrested last week up in the canopy at the Errinundra blockade.

And Guest presenter Andy Paine from Paradigm Shift at 4ZZZ in Brisbane speaks with Miranda Gibson from Forest Defence NSW at the Camp Olney blockade, in the Olney state forest near Newcastle, about how we need to look at "The Forest Campaign" as, 'not just a particular patch, but as a broader perspective of native forests across Australia that has been going on for decades. And how—more than ever—we just need to get in there and protect those last remaining patches before we lose them all'.


This week's show is #1282 and was produced by Nicky Stott

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Megan Williams, Teishan Ahearne, Bec Horridge & Nicky Stott