Lake Torrens: Is it the next Juukan Gorge?

Sunday, 14 February 2021 - 11:00am to 11:30am
An aerial view of Lake Torrens with the north end cut off, as well as west and east tributaries. The colours are muted and mystical pastels. It is very beautiful.

Is Lake Torrens the next Juukan Gorge?

Lake Torrens in South Australia is a sacred site and place of deep cultural significance to Kokatha, Adnyamathanha, Kuyani and Barngarla peoples. However government approval has been granted to exploratory drilling company Kelaray (a subsidiary of Argonaut Resources) to begin drilling at this vulnerable site.

This week on Earth Matters guest producer Joy Lothian from Aboriginal Way Radio at Radio Adelaide speaks with Kokatha Senior Lawman Andrew Starkey and the CEO of SA Native Title Services Keith Thomas about the very deep concerns that Traditional Owners and communities in this region have regarding this latest exploratory mining project at Lake Torrens.

This week's show is #1281 and was produced by Joy Lothian

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