Cassowaries need new laws. Crocs not for profit.

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A large bird, the cassowary.

Meet Ingrid Marker from Mission Beach  Queensland who lived alongside endangered cassowaries becoming known as a cassowary whisperer. 

Horribly, all the cassowary families she knew were killed by dogs. Now Ingrid calls for new laws to control roaming dogs.

The campaign to save the cassowary is part of the Place You Love Alliance, which asks for a new generation of national laws that work to protect and restore our natural environment.

Crocodiles not for Profit:

The Kattar Party have introduced the Safe Water Bill that wants to see crococile numbers greatly reduced through culling .

At the public hearing in Cairns Gudju Gudju; Tribal elder of the Gimuy Walubara Yidinji people - traditional owners of the Cairns area - describes  traditional approaches to crocodile management and attitudes toward crocs:


"They do not see you as tourists; they see you as food.

They have the God-given right to be there and to eat you if you are going to go into their territory.

The thing is that people are not silly. We read signs that say you should not swim here because of crocodiles.

If you go in and get bitten by a crocodile,  is it the crocodile’s fault?

I do not think so. It is the human who cannot read the sign who has the problem."     

                                                                                                                        Gudju Gudju


Facebook: Cassowary Keystone Conservation

Places you love campaign

Cairns and Far North Environment Centre

Transcript of Safer Waterways Bill 2018 public hearing in Cairns 27/08/18

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