Save Sorry Business

Tuesday, 4 July 2023 - 6:00pm to 6:30pm

This special week is NAIDOC week, a week in which we celebrate the history, culture and achievements of First Nations people. This episode, we are very lucky to have Mrs. Bettina Cooper on our show who we pay respect to.

Mrs. Bettina Cooper is a proud Aboriginal woman from the Boandik people of First Nations of South East Australia near what we now call Mount Gambier in South Australia and for many thousands and thousands of years Bettina’s ancestors lived on that country.

Bettina is an experienced Aboriginal Financial Counsellor and currently works as Mob Strong Financial Counsellor and Strategy Lead at the Financial Rights Legal Centre, NSW and the Campaign Coordinator for the Save Sorry Business Coalition . In both roles, Bettina advocates for people who are disadvantaged as a result of language, literacy skills, geographical isolation, low income, disability, trauma or related factors. She is passionate about supporting her community.

Recently Save Sorry Business Coalition won the Consumers’ Federation of Australia’s Showcase advocacy award for their campaigning on action to support First Nations consumers impacted by the collapse of funeral insurer Youpla.  

We congratulate Bettina and the Save Sorry Business Coalition on the recent and very well-deserved award.


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