Debunking 'de-banking' - financial discrimination in the sex industry

Tuesday, 24 January 2023 - 6:00pm to 6:30pm


Beth and Ingrid look at the issue of de-banking and the impact on people working in the sex industry and in adjacent professions such as stripping. We look at the draft guidance from AUSTRAC on financial services for customers that financial institutions assess to be higher risk. We look in particular at the ways that that guidance supports sex workers and the ways it falls short, particularly in terms of the requirement to remind financial institutions about obligations under state and federal anti-discrimination laws.


To speak on this issue, we’re lucky to be joined by Matthew Roberts, a sex worker and the Policy Officer at Sex Work Law Reform Victoria. Sex Work Law Reform Victoria is an independent non-partisan volunteer group led by sex workers, lobbying for the full decriminalisation of consensual adult sex work in Victoria. We have spoken with Matthew before on Done by Law about the Sex Work Decriminalisation Bill and we’re excited for him to return as a guest to shine a light on financial discrimination against sex workers, and the work of Sex Work Law Reform Victoria in this space.

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