Neo-nazi anti-immigration rally | 2023 Myall Creek Massacre Memorial events | Raising the age of criminal responsibility

Monday, 15 May 2023 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
Banner image of an Aboriginal child smiling, dressed in natural fibres and feathers with text that reads: Myall Creek Massacre Memorial Gathering - SUNDAY 11th JUNE 2023

 *Content Warning: This episode of Doin' Time contains audio images and discussion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have died.

 First up on today's program, Marisa speaks with Pamela Curr, longtime advocate of refugees and asylum seekers, condemning the disgusting display outside Victoria's Parliament on Saturday, where neo-nazis dressed in black held an anti-immigration rally, and were met with a large counter-protest. They discuss some of the appalling media coverage demonising these anti-fascist protestors, and the right's creation of division in Australia's political landscape.


 Each year, hundreds of people around the country gather at Myall Creek on the June long weekend to commemorate the premeditated and unprovoked massacre of Wirrayaraay women, children and older men by a group of 12 stockmen on Myall Creek Station on June 10, 1838.

 Marisa interviews Keith Munro, Gomeroi co-chair of the Friends of Myall Creek committee (and newly-appointed Director of First Nations Art and Cultures at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia) about their upcoming memorial commemoration of the massacre, held yearly since 2000 over the June long weekend, and other events they have planned for the weekend. He also discusses healing, memory, truth-telling, and what makes Myall Creek unique in our colonial history.

 See the full list of Friends of Myall Creek events this Friday 9th - Sunday 11th June here.


 Last up on the show, Marisa invites Cheryl Axleby (Co-Chair of Change the Record) to discuss the ACT Government's delays in raising the age to 14, defying advice from Aboriginal, legal and human rights organisations, and how it is too little too late - risking exposing an entire generation of children to the quicksand of this country's punitive and discriminatory criminal legal system. They also talk about the need for Aboriginal-led design and delivery of culturally appropriate diversionary programs to break the intergeneral cycle of incarceration for our younger generations.

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