Computers in Prison Cells | The Power of Language

Monday, 28 August 2023 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
A close up image of a neon sign in block letters which reads: 3CR.

*Content Warning: This episode of Doin' Time may contain audio images of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have died, and discussion of Deaths in Custody.

 First up on the show, Marisa invites Brett Collins from Justice Action on the show to discuss some of their work, particularly the Computers in Prison Cells project for prisoners' entitlements to web calls and whitelisted websites allowing access to family, telehealth, education, and legal services and information. He talks about teh NSW State government's $42M investment into the project, and what now needs to be approved so it can reach its full potential. Later he delves into human rights violations: the state-enforced assault at the most intimate base of incarcerated individuals — the chemical handcuffs of forced medication. 

 In the second half of the show, Marisa speaks with Richard Trudgen, cross-cultural community educator and author, and also the special guest speaker for 2023 Myall Creek Massacre Memorial, Yarning About Truth Telling. He discusses the actively hostile attitude from mainstream institutions in the Northern Territory and the trauma that arises when First Nations individuals do not have access to their original languages. He highlights the sophistication of language and its immense power in understanding legal, medical, and economic systems (and much more), where English continues to fall woefully short. 

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