Protest Repression And the Law

Monday, 24 August 2020 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm


   Marisa interviewed Chris from the Refugee Action Collective about his speaking engagement at an upcoming event organised by Mals, entitled: Protest Repression And the Law. Chris spoke about a discussion panel that he will be attending, presented by Tom later this week as part of a series of "law week" events hosted by MALS. (Melbourne Activist Legal Supprt.) The tension between the right to protest and the power of the State—particularly during an emergency— was discussed, in context of the Pandemic, and Police Powers.

Marisa then interviewed Tom Battersby Defence barrister and Volunteer at Mals. Tom discussed a series of Webinars, trainings and pannels which will talk about human rights, and Melbourne Activist Legal Support. In particular he discussed an event coming up on Thursday, which will essentially focus on the Victorian Charter of Huuman rights. The charge of Incitement which was applied to Chris was also discussed, as was a brief overview of the Imarc blockades, and Tom being there as a Legal Observer and witness of police violence. Other speakers on the pannel besides Chris will be Dr. Maria O-sulivan (Monash Uni), and Michael Stanton, who will be appearing on next Monday's show, to provide a reportback. For further details, and to register, please go to the Mals website!

Monday 4:00pm to 5:00pm
An open forum, presenting information and discussion around issues faced by prisoners in the criminal justice system and migration detention centres.


Marisa and Peter