Offenders can stop Reoffending, and Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Monday, 18 June 2018 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Liz gave a reportback  of a protest at Bill Shorten's office last week. Bill Shorten's policy of boat turnbacks was discussed. Liz stressed the importance of Bill Shorten abandoning support for boat turn-backs, as this is a basic right to seek asylum by boat, a right recognised by international law. The interview also focused on the importance of the Labor Government going to the next Federal election with a commitment to close the offshore camps, and immediately evacuate the refugees and asylum seekers detained on Manus and Nauru to Australia.

Marisa then spoke to Mark Johnson MBE, International guest from England, Founder of User voice, and  SPEAKER at an event in Gelong. I interviewed Mark about his support for an  innovative peer mentoring pilot programme in partnership  with Deakin University and philanthropy, built on Claire Sepping's Churchill Fellowship research. We spoke about the event, which is being held at: Geelong Corporate Centre, Deakin University Waterfront Campus, Sally Walker Building, Cunningham  Street, Gelong.
 Wednesday 27 June 2pm to:  4 pm Marisa focused on the Programme User Voice and Mark's lived experiences of homelessness and crime being strong contributors to offenders not reoffending. Marisa and Mark discussed  Mark's organisation, User Voice, being  led by ex-offenders and working to transform the criminal justice system. Marisa also spoke with  Claire Seppings about the event in Gelong. 
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Monday 4:00pm to 5:00pm
An open forum, presenting information and discussion around issues faced by prisoners in the criminal justice system and migration detention centres.