Community push to rethink the North East Link

Tuesday, 26 November 2019 - 9:30am to 10:00am
Claudia and Helen at the 3cr studio

Concerned community members Michelle Giovas and HelenĀ Claudia and Helen Tsoutsouvas joined Phil in the studio to look at the community resistance to the $16 billion dollar North East Link road project. Claudia Gallois from Friends of the Earth's Sustainable Cities collective also let us know about an upcoming rally and how you can get involved.

RALLY - Wednesday 27th November at parliament. More details here.

Join the Sustainable Cities collective and also the Friends of Banyule group to get involved.

Tuesday 9:30am to 10:00am
Friends of the Earth campaigners and activists dig down into the dirt on important environmental and social justice issues.


Friends of the Earth Crew