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Tarkine Optimism - Forest Action is Climate Action Photo: Bob Brown Foundation


MARCH 4TH 2024

Produced by Vivien Langford


"The  future  is  shaped  by  those  who  can  see  it."



John Grimes - CEO Smart Energy Council

Dr Freya Croft - Blue Futures Lab at Wollongong University -

Dr Colette Harmsen - Bob Brown Foundation


"Turbines make us sick" was a farm gateway sign ten years ago in regional Victoria. We interviewed Dr Simon Chapman who was turning himself inside out giving evidence to senate inquiries. He was  contesting  the organised narrative of illness around windfarms and opponents are still organised. Now Coalition MPs and their allies appear at Reckless Renewables rallies. Their hostility, even to wind farms 10kilometres offshore, is building up as renewable Energy Zones are declared. We speak to John Grimes from the Smart Energy Council.



Then we go to Wollongong University, where Dr Freya Croft is working on how to create  social licence for the energy transition that is roilling out too slowly.

Plus an historical reminder:

In 1903 there were 3623 horsedrawn buses in London and 13 motor buses

In 1913 there were 3522 motor buses and only 142 horse drawn buses

"The future is shaped by those who can see it."



Forest Action is profound Climate Restoration, so we go to Tasmania.

Dr Colette Harmsen is a veterinary scientist. In this exclusive interview she speaks to us about how she and Bob Brown were arrested recently and why taking climate action is an antidote to depresssion.

As Bob Brown said : "Change doesn’t happen when we are in our comfort zone. It is uncomfortable by nature. If it’s not uncomfortable, then check again – is anything actually changing, or are we just re-arranging the deck chairs? The higher the stakes, the greater the risks that need taking. As leaders, we must take risks. We must find a way to quieten the voice of fear and doubt and back ourselves against the inevitable barrage of resistance."

Meanwhile Protesters have gone back to the Styx Valley to  peacefully interrupt logging.

“While fellow forest defender Ali Alishah is in jail today, we are defending these forests from destruction. The fact that peaceful protesters are being gaoled and face severe penalties for standing up against this destruction will not deter us. It is the native forest logging that is criminal in a climate emergency and extinction crisis,” said Dr Lisa Searle, Campaign Organiser with BBF.

“This logging of ancient forests in southern Tasmania is absolutely disgraceful. The government should be ashamed for sanctioning this devastation. We will continue to take action and defend these precious forests until we see a commitment from our leaders to end native forest logging.

There is an opportunity right now for Tasmanian voters to make a choice: vote for protecting forests and wildlife or more logging destruction,” she said.



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