Monday, 11 May 2020 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Winton Higgins, ALBERT CAMUS The Plague, Pope Francis Laudato Si.

11th May


Le Chambon and how not to be a bystander in the climate emergency.


Music by KAVISHA MAZZELLA  with her new album Empty Sky.

Interview by Vivien Langford

Production by Andy Britt, Michaela Stubbs and  Raoul Hernandez

Winton Higgins is a distinguished writer, Secular Buddhist teacher  and Holocaust scholar. He tells us the story of Le Chambon. In 1940 the writer Camus was sent there for his TB but while writing The Plague, he observed a conspiracy of goodness. The community was committed to saving the lives of many Jewish people and helping them escape to Switzerland.


As plague force global emissions in our time are temporarily lessened by flights,cruises and industry being locked down for the pandemic, many are re reading The Plague. Winton discusses the novel with Vivien in terms of what strength we can draw from it as we face the truth of the climate emergency in our generation.

He also  looks at Laudato Si!  by Pope Francis to learn how not to displace our moral responsibility... How to be citizens rather than consumers.


Naomi Klein warned us in Shock Doctrine,that predatory money will turbo charge the recovery if we let it. Damaging the biosphere will continue to be seen as a necessary trade off as workers are engaged in emissions intensive projects.


Meanwhile,BZE has plans for One Million Jobs and  Zero Emissions Communities that embody a clear understanding of the climate emergency we are facing. 


This discussion is full of practical ideas although it is more philosophical than usual.Please pass the podcast on to friends.

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