Monday, 6 April 2020 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm


The Beyond Zero Emissions Community show produced by Vivien Langford and Michaela Stubbs. Broadcast at Radio 3CR in Melbourne  and  Radio Skid Row in Sydney


Gilbert Rochecouste - Founder of Village Well

Christine Milne - Greens International  Ambassador

John Grimes  - Smart Energy Council

Tragic times for many as hospitals and unemployment agencies are overwhelmed by Corona Virus.

Challenging times for climate campaigners as this PAUSE in global emissions is a fork in the road.  CANA chat lunchtime webinars show we could  flatten the curve of emissions path we are on. The shutdown of industry in China is reportedly  yielding a 25% drop in emissions.Aviation and other transport is slowing and how happy will the elderly be to go on a cruise ship in the future? Could we achieve 700% Renewable energy and not only provision new green industries here but export green energy overseas?

The lifting of some pollution means better health and blue skies. But will the global dimming effect of all that smoke mean a rise in emissions?

 Gilbert Rochecouste, fresh from an epiphany in the Tarkine, talks about pressing the reset button on the rat race.

Climate action is often stymied by the elephant in the room which is consumption. How can we reset our lives,to relocalise and share, in the decade when emissions need to plummet? Citizens are leading a new narrative after the drought, the fires and now the pandemic. We  are at a tipping point in consciousness. We must not let the big institutions and corporations drag us back to the old paradigm which is destroying the biosphere.


Christine Milne spoke to the Beyond Zero Emissions show at the Climate Emergency Summit. She is sure the fossil fuel industry was positioning itself for bail outs at Davos even before the pandemic was declared worldwide. "They are years ahead of in the strategy".  We must not supply thecinfrastructure them to o p en up the Gallee,# the Beetaloo and the North West Shelf. In a wide ranging analysis she says we must stop their subsidies. They are not too big to fail and there are many alternatives.


John Grimes gave a talk to the People's Assembly on the first day of Federal Parliament in Canberra. Bushfire smoke was still billowing over the lawns and boxes of now rare face masks were on hand for anyone with trouble breathing.

He was scathing about the lobbyists for coal,oil and gas who greatly outnumber lobbyists for clean energy solutions. They have far greater access and are a corrupting influence on our democracy. He is a true patriot and impatient for the climate emergency to turbo charge training in all the trades needed for 700% renewable energy.

With leadership we could remain as an energy exporter instead of the" international parriah" holding out against the global shift a green economy.


# The biggest coal reserve in the world.

South Australia is already at 75% and ACT at 100%. But our present renewable energy target is zero.

Monday 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Climate change - what's hot and what's not. Find out what is happening in community campaigns around the country, as well as the latest science and the solutions that are available now.


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