Collie at the Crossroads

Monday, 18 November 2019 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm

18th November 2019

Produced by Andy Britt. Interviews by Vivien Langford


Collie at the Crossroads is about a town 200 Kms from Perth where coal is on the way out.

What will give new life and new jobs to this town whose identity is based on coal.

Beyond Zero Emissions has researched a plan for the future beyond coal.

James Kahn – A Noongar elder tells us about Collie in its heyday and his vision for Collie’s future.


Jaime Yallop Farrant - Climate Justice Union. She has worked with the Collie locals to see what community led projects would fly. Retrofitting homes for energy efficiency is one. Implementing projects an.d building trust would be another.She tells us about English coal towns where the last coal was mined decades ago but the town retains its identity and the miners are honoured.If government genuinely listens to what the community is offering, BZE  has many options that fit their skills.


Lachlan Rule - who was the lead author on the report gives us his policy recommendations for the WA goivernment.One of these is legislate 100% Renewable energy Target for WA by 2030 and maximise local industry participation. He sees potential in the mountains of fly ash at Collie and the red mud that can be used in low carbon concrete. He sees a growing ship BREAKING industry on the coast recycling the steel at Collie.Government contracts for recycled steel would help. The report will be launched in Collie and available at -


Steven Mc Cartny - State Secretary of the AMWU talks about recyled steel, recycled lithium batteries and solar panels. These are all manufacturing opportunities for Collie. It could also be a hub for sustainble building materials like engineered timber. He is keen on training and laying the groundwork for Governments to take action based on a skilled workforce and a keen community. Collie needs a skills audit to start with.


Greg Busson – Secretary of the WA division of CFMEU. How would a national Just Transition Authority help Collie’s 1200 coal industry workers? Who can do the mine rehabilitation as ground water is contaminated by WA’s 1137 “shut” mines? What part will this union play in negotiating workers to decent secure jobs in the decarbonised future? Greg Busson is positive about the future but wants to see legislation like Victoria' s to guide the transition. It must not be a chance to drive down wages and conditions.

Andy, Vivien, Erin and Kurt in Studio 1.
Monday 5:00pm to 6:00pm
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