Thursday, 28 April 2022 - 6:00am to 6:30am

It’s the last week of celebrating advocates for their advocacy. On tonight’s episode, Sasja and Kitty will be joining Tina Brunet - founder of This is me and Sheena Saigal - Th!s Is Me model 2022 to talk about their advocacy work. Sasja will also be sharing her experiences and involvement at Th!s Is Me 2020. 

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Tina Brunet - 
Tina Brunet is a founder of the Fundraiser and Event This is Me.
Th!s is Me launched in 2020 with a handful of volunteers and a dream to make a difference in the way women see themselves.  The day is about a group of courageous and inspiring women who are ready to celebrate themselves and their stories with the world.  
Tina is a self-professed social justice advocate and change maker.  She wears many labels but doesn’t like to be defined by them. Ask her why, and she would say that it is in the complexity and messiness of life that we see glimpses of who we are and who we are not.
She believes in humanising conversations by stripping away the masks of pretence and displaying strength in vulnerability. Her passion is stories and the imprints these create in those who share and those who listen.
In her spare time, Tina loves to ponder on the meaning of life, to read about sociopaths and connect over a wine with those whom she feels lucky to cross paths with.

Sheena Saigal - 
Sheena Saigal is one of our 2022 models in our Event This is Me.
She will share her journey of embracing her flaws and accepting her vulnerabilities and not hiding or making excuses so she is not seen. She will share how she figured out how to praise herself.
She believes that every woman and girl in the world has the potential to create change. Her vision is to empower young girls and women so they can accept who they are and be confident to stand up for themselves and not be overwhelmed with societal norms of perfection.
Sheena believes in being perfectly imperfect. She believes that You are amazing in all perspectives as long as you will be YOU and don't attempt to be another person
One day, Sheena wants to be a motivational speaker when she will be able to influence people around her by sharing her experiences and stories.

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