Invasion Day 2020

Tuesday, 21 January 2020 - 2:13pm
Invasion Day rally - Justice and No Pride in Genocide

In 2020, 3CR marked Invasion Day with special programming and live coverage of the Melbourne rally. Across seven hours, our programming revealed the real history of Australia, covered local and interstate events and rallies, demanded justice and celebrated the survival and culture of Aboriginal people.

Listen back to some of the audio broadcast on 3CR on Sunday 26 January from 9am - 4pm.

2020 Vision with Robbie Thorpe.  

Robbie (Fire First & Blak 'n Deadlydiscussed the history of January 26, a day that marks the anniversary of the invasion of this continent, the start of a genocide that Aboriginal people continue to face, and the Aboriginal resistance that continues today.  Listen here.

Recordings from the Invasion Day Dawn Service

5.30 - 6.30am at the site of Camp Sovereignty, Kings Domain resting place.  Listen here.

Invasion Day 2020 speeches.

We crossed to the Melbourne rally on the steps of Victorian Parliament to bring you powerful speeches from the rally. 

Invasion Day speeches Part 1:  Steps of Victorian parliament at the start of the rally.

Invasion Day speeches Part 2:  Corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets at the end of the rally.  Listen here.

Invasion Day Interviews and more!

Throughout the day Gavin Moore (Billabong Beats) brought us blak and deadly news, views and music from from activists around the country.   

Geoffrey Maher speaking about the Death In Custody of Jessie Edwards, the Uluru Statement and the Treaty process.  Listen here.

Shaurntae Lyons, Ms Nelson Walker's cousin speaking about Veronica Walker, who died in custody at the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre on January 2.  Listen here.

Kevin Buzzacott Arabunna elder and President of the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance speaking with Gunai Kurnai elder Robbie Thorpe on Thursday 23 January.  Listen here.

D.T. Zellanach reports from the Djab Wurrung Embassy near Ararat where Djab Wurrung and supporters are protecting sacred culturally significant trees and landscape from destruction by the Vic Roads Western Highway extension.  Listen here.

Survival Day 2012
This annual broadcast by 3CR's Indigenous broadcasters marks Australia's Invasion Day. Indigenous activists have broadcast at 3CR from the year 3CR began in1976. Tune in on 26 January each year and hear the truth about Australia's ongoing colonialism and the current campaigns to right past wrongs.



Invasion Day 2024

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Invasion Day 2022

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