A photograph of the memorial for Constance May Watcho. There is a flower arrangement of black, yellow and red roses, a cross with Ms Watcho's name and designs painted on it, and a cluster of framed photographs of Ms Watcho and her family.
14 Nov 2022
Priya Kunjan with Amy McQuire
Image of a banner featuring eyes of young people locked up in prison. Text on banner reads 'no justice, just us'
7 Nov 2022
Guests: Sara Schwartz & Josie Crawshaw. Presenter: Xen Nhà.
image of a colourful artwork in black, pink, purple,yellow and read. Text reads 'Darwin Festival dumps Santos... it's time for the arts to break up with fossil fuel money!' A group of drawn people celebrating in the illustration.
31 Oct 2022
Anna Weekes
Bright pink text over a purple background with soft red eucalytus flowers. The text reads "Abortion rights: local context"
24 Oct 2022
Emma Hart, Dr Erica Millar
A scan of the cover of the poetry collection 'None Of Us Are Free Until All Of Us Are Free'. The cover is lavender with the title printed in black letters with the subtitle 'Poems from the Inside #2'.
17 Oct 2022
Priya Kunjan with Anne-lise Ah-fat and Stacey Stokes
Bendigo St documentary chronicles a campaign to occupy a street of government-owned empty houses that were planned for demolition in Naarm/Melbourne. Image supplied.
10 Oct 2022
Scheherazade Bloul with Jasmine Barzani
A circular logo in featuring a white screen print style illustration on black background showing three knitting needles pointing down diagonally from top right to left, breaking through a circle of barbed wire
26 Sep 2022
Emma Hart, Alex from Szpila Collective
A graphic made up of digital drawings of two femmes, one with dark brown skin and one with pink skin, holding up protest signs. One sign reads "enough is enough" and the other reads "end toxic culture".
19 Sep 2022
Priya Kunjan with Anne Jacobs and Emma Golledge
Image of archival documents and illustrations from feminist organisations and associations in Algeria. The black and white documents are set against a brightly coloured geometric table cloth.
12 Sep 2022
Scheherazade Bloul with Saadia Gacem
five Odissi dancers are wearing white sarees and posing in a field of wheat
5 Sep 2022
Divya Nair, Shreya Rath, Vaishnavi Srinivasan and Pranavi Annadurai