30 Jun 2022
Brendan Bonsack,Rhonda Jankovic, Santo Cazzati, Andrew Harris, Jelje Fanoy, Changeling and the Ruins
16 Jun 2022
Es Foong & Brendan Bonsack, playing listener contributed poetry
9 Jun 2022
Brendan Bonsack, Nicolas Powell, Andy Jackson & Jennifer Compton
Di Cousens
2 Jun 2022
Di Cousens reads her work at the Cherry Tree Hotel
A large penguin standing in the ice, a smaller penguin huddled close by its side.
26 May 2022
Amy Bodossian, Ela Fornalska, Simone King, Vasilka Pateras, Chae Paterson, Scott Patrick-Mitchell, PoetPre, Fotoula Reynolds and Lish Škec
Alex Skovron
19 May 2022
Alex Skovron is interviewed by Di Cousens
A white adult swan floating on water, with five young close beside
12 May 2022
Poetry readings by Astrid/Brownsugababe, Caddy Callaghan, Rebecca Louise Clarke, Jeltje Fanoy, Ela Fornalska, Allana Kelsall, Simone King, Caz Masal, Viki Mealings, Tim Train, and Jo Whitelaw
5 May 2022
Extracts from the CD Voices by Max Richter. Produced by Di Cousens.
A red single red poppy in a field
28 Apr 2022
Brendan Bonsack, Claire Gaskin, Kim Jeffs, Blayke, Eleanor Jackson, Viki Mealings, Saint Jorge, Thabani Tshuma and Fleassy Malay