Portrait of Mick Mezza
23 Mar 2023
Tina Giannoukos and Mick Mezza
16 Mar 2023
Waffle IronGirl and Fleassy Malay
A monochrome image of a book cover. A collage of microscopic images of the human brain, arranged in rectangles around a central sketch of a human head and shoulders, featuring the central nervous system. The title of the book is "Neurotransmission, Vol. 1/2023, by Alex Mortensen"
9 Mar 2023
Waffle IronGirl and Alex Mortensen
Ania Walwicz’s book Writing
2 Mar 2023
Di Cousens reads from Ania Walwicz's book, Writing.
Portrait of Mammad Aidani
23 Feb 2023
Tina Giannoukos and Mammad Aidani
9 Feb 2023
Brendan Bonsack, Farah Beaini and Phoebe Perera
Gayelene Carbis
2 Feb 2023
Gayelene Carbis is Interviewed by Di Cousens
Portrait of Emilie Collyer and Kevin Brophy
19 Jan 2023
Tina Giannoukos talks with Emilie Collyer and Kevin Brophy
A young woman with short black hair, staring into the camera and holding a cooked chicken drumstick in their right hand. An open takeaway food box is nearby.
12 Jan 2023
Brendan Bonsack and Katie Lohner
5 Jan 2023
Ezra Bix reads from Best Australian Poems 2021