Accent of Women Snapshots is a series of radio features with women who have recently come to Australia from different countries. The Snapshots give voice to women from new and emerging communities as their share stories of arrival and settlement.

About Snapshots

Accent of Women SnapshotsAccent of Women Snapshots is a series of radio features with women who have recently come to Australia from different countries. Women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds remain largely without a voice in the mass media and are also underrepresented in the community media sector. Accent of Women Snapshots seeks to provide a voice for women from new and emerging communities on the airwaves. 

Through their voices come the stories and personal viewpoints so lacking in our media landscape. Accent of Women Snapshots also seeks to provide the broader public with first hand personalised accounts of arrival and settlement in Australia in order to assist in building the community's knowledge and understanding of recently arrived women; enhancing their information base and their ability to empathise and relate to the experiences of women in new and emerging communities. 

We hope these stories will contribute to filling the gap in peoples' understanding of the diversity and complexity of the experience of arrival and settlement from a woman’s point of view.

Amal Rabi - listen now (4.2MB / 4:31min)
Baby Louise Gwen
 - listen now (4.5MB / 4:51min)
Mary Smith - listen now (2.5MB / 2:40min)
Noshin Haghjoo - listen now (3.8MB / 4:04min)
Beatrice Daiso - listen now (3.4MB / 3:44min)
Betty Wehyee - listen now (6.8MB / 7:23min)
Samira Elturbak - listen now (5MB / 5:25min)
Olive Dickson - listen now (3.9MB / 4:11min)
Jianer Chen - listen now (4.2MB / 4:31min)
Yvonne Smith - listen now (3.5MB / 3:48min)
Lina Deng - listen now (5.4MB / 5:51min
Dor Olivia Williams - listen now (4.2MB / 4:32min)
Janet Kamara - listen now (3.8MB / 4:07min)
Newsha Erfanian - listen now (4.6MB / 4:58min)
Miriam Bah - listen now (5MB / 5:24min)
Sailah Wehyee - listen now (4.2MB / 4:33min)
Annie Xu - listen now (3.9MB / 4:16min)
Rebecca Joseph - listen now (2.5MB / 2:42min)
Therese Kpakd - listen now (5.9MB / 6:22min)

The Accent of Women Snapshots are produced to be broadcast separately on community radio stations. 3CR encourages community radio stations to play an Accent of Women Snapshot on a weekly show on their station. To get a CD copy or for more information contact 3CR on 03 9419 8377 or email

3CR's national women's program Accent of Women is dedicated to the voices and views of culturally and linguistically diverse women. Accent of Women is produced at 3CR and distributed nationally via the Community Radio Network to community stations around Australia. It is also streamed live and podcast via

Project Coordinator: Juliet Fox
Producer: Jiselle Hanna
Additional production: Sonia Randhawa
Technical work: Juliet Fox, Jiselle Hanna, Clemmie Weatherall, Gabrielle Reade, Lara Soulio, Diana Beaumont, Meg Butler
Music by Clemmie Wetherall
Thanks to: Cristina Marras and Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre, Hsin-Yi Lo and Meena Vannitamby, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, National Ethnic Multicultural Broadcasting Council, Centre for Multicultural Youth, Yousef Alreemawi and Sivan Barak
CD design: Rachel Kirby

Scanlon FoundationAccent of Women Snapshots was financially supported by the Scanlon Foundation




December 2011