Salaam ata2ude !

Sunday, 22 January 2023 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm
khalije music

Salaam ata2ude !


On this show, Marroushti meets ata2ude, a fresh new Dj from Kuwait. During the show ata2ude plays a selection of khalije music for the first hour, then plays his special mix for salaam! 


ata2ud is a Naarm-based DJ hailing from the sands of the Gulf, who lives & plays in the wistful melodies of fast, hard, and hopeful. Whilst new to DJing, his love of music is anything but that, collecting all-encompassing sounds from anywhere and everywhere across the globe whether that be percussive sounds from Yemen or deep basses from the West. With youthful exuberance and a penchant for hard-hitting, ata2ud is keen to take his artistry to the next level in 2023.


To listen to the mix uninterreptued head to our soundcloud page:

Sunday 4:00pm to 6:00pm
Playing new music from the Greater Middle East and beyond; uniting artists, transcending borders, and telling the stories behind emerging music from around the world.


Marroushti & Jahan Xanlü



Salaam Prof Mazin Qumsiyeh!

7 Apr 2024
Rasha Tayeh founder & director of Beit e’Shai, @beiteshai, is filling in for Marroushti in dedication to the Land, and the importance of ecological & land-based practices. Rasha interviews Prof Mazin Qumsiyeh from Bethlehem, who will be visiting Naarm in May to discuss the impacts of militarism on nature.