15 Nov 2018
Markus Zusak with Jan Goldsmith
8 Nov 2018
Dr James King and David McLean
Jock Serong and Katherine Collette
Alec Patric with David McLean and Ilka Tampke with Jan Goldsmith
Claire Varley with Jan Goldsmith and Bridie Jabour with David McLean
11 Oct 2018
Maryrose Cuskelly and David McLean
Sarah Myles with Jan Goldsmith and Katya de Becerra with David McLean
Les Zig with David McLean and Mary Ryllis Clark with Jan Goldsmith
Stuart Kells with David McLean and Martine Murray with Jan Goldsmith
Adam Wakeling with David McLean and Sally Piper with Jan Goldsmith
Meaghan Wilson Anastasios with Jan Goldsmith and Louisa Deasey with David McLean
Ted Todd with Jan Goldsmith and Fiona Patten with David McLean
Sandi Wallace with Jan Goldsmith and Lili Wilkinson with David McLean
Marieke Hardy with David McLean and Cher Chidzey with Jan Goldsmith
Laura Elizabeth Woollett with Jan Goldsmith and Rebecca Lim with David McLean
David Metzenthen with David McLean and Kirsty Manning with Jan Goldsmith
James Cristina with David McLean and Jill Giese with Jan Goldsmith
Alison Booth with Jan Goldsmith and Peter Cotton with David McLean
Gwenda Beed Davey and Jacqui Horwood with Jan Goldsmith
Alli Sinclair with Jan Goldsmith and Moreno Giovannoni with David McLean
Lisa Ireland with Jan Goldsmith and Kate van Hooft with David McLean
Sarah Bailey with Jan Goldsmith and Clare Strahan with David McLean
Izzy Roberts-Orr, Jan Goldsmith, David McLean, Euan Mitchell
Phil Copsey with Euan Mitchell and George Ivanoff with David McLean
Megan Goldin with David McLean; Enza Gandolfo with Euan Mitchell.
Sue Williams and Glenda Guest talk to David McLean
Jay Kristoff with Euan Mitchell; Yvonne Fein with David McLean.
Peter FitzSimons with David McLean; Vikki Petraitis with Euan Mitchell.
Jenny Ackland with Jan Goldsmith and Julie Prendergast with David McLean
Brendan Lawley with David McLean and Fiona Lowe with Jan Goldsmith
Michelle Scott Tucker with Jan Goldsmith and Robert Hillman with David McLean
Michael Mohammed Ahmad and David McLean
S. A. Jones with Jan Goldsmith and Mira Robertson with David McLean
Rodney Hall with David McLean and Robert Lukins with Jan Goldsmith
Katherine Kovacic with David McLean and Ada Langton with Jan Goldsmith
Mike McCoy with David McLean and Gert Loveday with Jan Goldsmith
Debra Oswald and Judy Bierwirth with Jan Goldsmith
Craig Sherborne and Sally Hepworth
James Phelan with David McLean and Shokoofeh Azar with Jan Goldsmith
15 Feb 2018
Lynette Washington with David McLean
Richard Holt and Anna Snoekstra
Anne Buist with Jan Goldsmith and Penni Russon with David McLean
Nadia Wright with David McLean and Kate Murdoch with Jan Goldsmith
18 Jan 2018
James Button with Euan Mitchell and David McLean.
Joel Martin with Euan Mitchell; Gordon Thompson with Euan Mitchell.
Glenna Thomson with Euan Mitchell; Sue Williams with Euan Mitchell.
Patti Miller with Euan Mitchell; Sheridan Jobbins with Euan Mitchell.
21 Dec 2017
Carmel Bird with Euan Mitchell.
David McLean with Rachel Matthews; Euan Mitchell with Carole Poustie.
Tony Wilson with David McLean and Monica McInerney with Jan Goldsmith
Judith Buckrich with David McLean and Tess Evans with Jan Goldsmith
Maree Cootes with Jan Goldsmith and Jock Serong with David McLean
Sandi Wallace with Jan Goldsmith and Phillip Adams with David McLean
Elizabeth Jane Corbett with Euan Mitchell and Konrad Marshall with David McLean
A.S. Patric with David McLean and Alex Miller with Jan Goldsmith
Cass Moriarty with Jan Goldsmith and Lucy Sussex with David McLean
Fiona Wood and Claire Aman
Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist with David McLean and Michelle de Kretser with Jan Goldsmith
Lachlan Walter with Euan Mitchell and Lois Murphy with David McLean
Bram Presser with David McLean and T R Thompson with Jan Goldsmith
Lisa Bigelow with Jan Goldsmith and Mark Smith with David McLean
Sofie Laguna with Jan Goldsmith and Stuart Kells with Euan Mitchell
Rose Michael with Euan Mitchell; Daniel Findlay with Euan Mitchell.
Chris Womersley with David McLean and Emma Viskic with Jan Goldsmith
Rachel Leary with Jan Goldsmith and Jessica Alice with David McLean
Kylie Ladd with Jan Goldsmith and Vikki Wakefield with David McLean
Robert Power with David McLean and Jennifer Down with Jan Goldsmith
Rachel Matthews with David McLean and Anna George with Jan Goldsmith
Alan Brough, Euan Mitchell and Mark Baker, David McLean
Dennis Glover with David McLean and Cassie Lane with Euan Mitchell
Melanie Cheng with Euan Mitchell and Iain Ryan with David McLean
Moira Burke with Jan Goldsmith and Mark Brandi with David McLean
Megan Goldin with David McLean and Vivienne Kelly with Jan Goldsmith
Gabrielle Williams with David McLean and Katherine Boland with Jan Goldsmith
15 Jun 2017
Jenevieve Chang, David McLean, Jan Goldsmith, Euan Mitchell
Sally Abbott with David McLean and Alex Miles with Jan Goldsmith
David Francis with Jan Goldsmith and Wayne Macauley with David McLean
Sarah Bailey with David McLean and Nicolas Brasch with Euan Mitchell
Marija Pericic with David McLean, and Kate Larsen with Euan Mitchell
Bernadette Brennan with Euan Mitchell, and Louise Wilson with Jan Goldsmith
Rosemary Macindoe with Jan Goldsmith and Rebecca Rosengrave with David McLean
David Cohen with David McLean and Lia Hills with Jan Goldsmith
David McLean with Steph Bowe, and Euan Mitchell with Bruce Pascoe
Bren McDibble with David McLean and Paul Collins with Jan Goldsmith
Klaas Kalma with David McLean and Fiona Lowe with Jan Goldsmith
Kirsty Manning with Jan Goldsmith and Peter Polites with David McLean
Frank Moorhouse with David McLean and Sally van Gent with Jan Goldsmith
R. D. Gennari with Jan Goldsmith and Phil Day wih David McLean
9 Mar 2017
Jane Rawson with David McLean
Cassandra Austin with Jan Goldsmith and Ouyang Yu with David McLean
Lesley Truffle and Carmel Shute with Jan Goldsmith
Caroline Miley and Lorina Hastings talk with Jan Goldsmith
Libby Angel and Maree Coote
2 Feb 2017
Jan Goldsmith with Sunni Overend
Nick Earls, David McLean
Tom Keneally, David McLean
Holly Throsby with Jan Goldsmith and Robert Gott with David McLean
Heather Rose and Jude Perera talk with Jan Goldsmih
Kimberley Starr with David McLean and Fiona McIntosh talks with Jan Goldsmith
17 Nov 2016
Lee Zachariah talks with David McLean
Brett Pierce with David McLean and Cath Crowley talks with Jan Goldsmith
Dominic Smith, David McLean
Di Morrissey with Jan Goldsmith and Duncan McNab talks to David McLean
Ellen van Neerven with David McLean and Kristel Thornell with Jan Goldsmith
Tania Chandler with Jan Goldsmith and Cenarth Fox talks to David McLean
Catherine de Saint Phalle, David McLean
Hannah Kent, David McLean
David Carlin with Jan Goldsmith and Georgina Arnott with David McLean
Kate Mildenhall with David McLean and Jacinta Halloran with Jan Goldsmith
Laura Elizabeth Woollett with Jan Goldsmith and Isabelle Li with David McLean
Mary Borsellino with Jan Goldsmith. Maurilia Meehan with David McLean
25 Aug 2016
Angela Flournoy talks with Jan Goldsmth
Michelle Wright with David McLean and Darrell Pitt with Jan Goldsmith
Lisa Dempster talks with David, Dallas Lyons and Aly Walsh chat with Jan
Lee Kofman and Robert Gott
Liane Moriarty with Jan Goldsmith and Zane Lovitt with David McLean
Leanne Davidson talks with Jan Goldsmith and David McLean talks withChristine Wells
14 Jul 2016
Mark Smith, David McLean
Lynette Lounsbury, David McLean
Nick Richardson with David McLean. Rebecca Ryan with Jan Goldsmith
Zana Fraillon with David McLean and Sue Williams talks to Jan Goldsmith
9 Jun 2016
Emily Maguire talks with Jan Goldsmith
2 Jun 2016
Katherine Brabon, David McLean
26 May 2016
Leigh Hopkinson, David McLean
19 May 2016
Lesley Truffle David McLean
12 May 2016
Arnold Zable talks with David McLean
Juliet Fox with David McLean and Toni Jordan with Jan Goldsmith
David Metzenthen, David McLean
Mark Lemprell talks with David McLean and Kat Patrick talks with Jan Goldsmith
Damon Young and David Dyer
7 Apr 2016
Luke Devenish talks with David McLean
31 Mar 2016
Reka and George Kaponay with Jan Goldsmith and David McLean
24 Mar 2016
Aoife Clifford talks with Jan Goldsmith and a little chat with Mary Dalmau
Jennifer Down with Jan Goldsmith and Ruth Clare with David McLean
10 Mar 2016
Tess Evans talks with Jan Goldsmith
Sara Foster chats with Jan Goldsmith and Olga Lorenzo talks with David McLean
Hugo Race, David McLean, Fiona McFarlane, Jan Goldsmith
18 Feb 2016
The Shock of Recognition
Barry Jones, David McLean
Conflict in Kingdoms and on the tennis court.
David McLean with C.S. Pacat and Jan Goldsmith with Kathryn Ledson
4 Feb 2016
From Ethiopia to Australia, where is home for Sosina Wogayehu?
Jan Goldsmith with David Carlin
28 Jan 2016
Would a 12 year old understand surrealism?
Leanne Hall chats with David McLean and Jan Goldsmith
Fantasy and reality - two different novels but with common themes
Mary Parker, Anne Brown, David McLean
17 Dec 2015
Geraldine Brooks talks about her latest novel, "The Secret Chord".
Geraldine Brooks, David McLean
Safari adventure and a writer's journey.
Tony Park with Jan Goldsmith and Steve Tolz talks with David McLean
Characters with disabilities in literature - where are they and how are they presented.
Leah van Poppel and Honey Brown speak with Jan Goldsmith
Legal marriages of all kinds and illegal drugs, espionage and assassinations
Nicki Reed speaks with Jan Goldsmith and Roland Perry talks with David McLean
An astronaut's life in short story and a musician's life set in Cooktown.
Sonja Dechian with David McLean and Di Morrissey chats to Jan Goldsmith.
Books about different societies, one allegorical and one criminal.
Robert Powers with David McLean and J.M.Green chats with Jan Goldsmith
Jane Caro's memoir
Jane Caro David McLean
Best selling science fiction and a book group recommendation
Amie Kaufman with Jay Kristoff talk to David McKean. Charlotte Wood talks with Jan Goldsmith
Young love and old rivers.
Fiona Wood speaks with Jan Goldsmith. David McLean with Tony Birch
Family chaos in contemporay Australia and the historical whaling town of Twofold Bay.
Paul Dalgarno with David McLean and Jan Goldsmith with Shirley Barrett
A biography of one of Australia's greatest historians
Peter Rees and David McLean
Riddles, hippies, a mother and daughter
David Astle with David McLean and Peggy Frew with Jan Goldsmith
Aboriginal rights, Michael Jackson and Ned Kelly
Lesley and Tammy Williams with Jan Goldsmith and Jenny Ackland with David McLean
Pschological thriller and prose poetry
Tania Chandler with Jan Goldsmith and Cassandra Atherton with David McLean
Death and secrets in Goodbye Sweetheart, iRevolution in My Five iFriends
Marion Halligan and Annitta S.W. speak with Jan Goldsmith
Growing up in the country and finding love in Hollywood
Anson Cameron speaks with David McLean and Lisa N Edwards chats with Jan Goldsmith.
Eka Kurniawan and Antonia Hayes
Eka Kurniawan talks with Jan Goldsmith and Antonia Hayes talks with David McLean about their books.
Penny Hueston and Lisa Dempster
Penny Hueston talks with Jan Goldsmith and Lisa Dempster with David McLean
Honey Brown and Joel Deane - sex and politics
Honey Brown with Jan Goldsmith. Joel Deane with David McLean
Claire Varley and Abigail Ulman
Claire Varley speaks with Jan Goldsmith and Abigail Ulman speaks with David McLean
Sophie Laguna and Lucy Treloar
Sophie Laguna speaks with David McLean. Lucy Treloar chats with Jan Goldsmith
Tegan Bennett Daylight
Jan Goldsmith talks with Tegan Bennett Daylight
Liam Pieper and Lisa Joy
Liam Pieper and Lisa Joy chat with Jan Goldsmith
Rebecca Lim and Alex Hammond
Rebecca Lim with Jan Goldsmith. Alex Hammond with David McLean
Leonie Binge and Jane Harrison
Leonie Binge with Jan Goldsmith. Jane Harrison with David McLean
A biography of Hume and his novel
Lucy Sussex, David McLean
18 Jun 2015
The life of five women living in Brunswick
Catherine de Saint Phalle, David McLean, Barry Scott
11 Jun 2015
Annual radiothon appeal
Stephanie and David
4 Jun 2015
A novel about the challenge of motherhood from 1917 to 1975
Rod Jones, David McLean
28 May 2015
Our houses are inheritance and memory.
Lisa Gorton, David McLean
Spies and the Emerging Writers Festival
Peter Millett and Sam Twyford-Moore
Tropical romance and erotic fiction
David McLean with Jennifer Scoullar. Jan Goldsmith with Krissy Kneen.
Established best seller and Vogel award winner
Jan Goldsmith with Maggie Alderson. David McLean with Murray Middleton
French detective in Cambodia, good Greek girl in Melbourne
Jan Goldsmith with Anna Jaquiery. David McLean with Maria Katsonis
Sex and School
David McLean with C.S.Pacat. Jan Goldsmith with Robert Verlander
Wendy Scarfe has written a compelling historical fiction
Jan Goldsmith with Wendy Scarfe
9 Apr 2015
Black Rock White City
David McLean A. S. Patric
Authors Cenarth Fox - A Plum Job and Rebecca Starford - Bad Behaviour
David McLean with Cenarth Fox. Jan Goldsmith with Rebecca Starford.
26 Mar 2015
Murder in the past and life in the future
David McLean, Robert Gott, Jan Goldsmith, James Bradley
Adelaide writers
David McLean speaks with editor Lynette Washington and author Gay Lynch. Jan Goldsmith speaks with Margaret Merrilees.