more personal stories about being on cashless welfare card part two

Tuesday, 10 November 2020 - 2:20pm
interviews with three more people who have experienced living on cashless welfare card Indue and stigma and financial issues

Three more personal stories about being on cashless welfare card (part two)

The Feed from Say No Seven Campaign against the cashless welfare card was a live community forum for people on the cashless welfare card to share their experiences and support one another, while having to experience the hardships and injustices of being placed upon a cashless welfare card, where members of the campaign speak poignantly about how cashless welfare card has caused them stigma,and an inability to pay for basic commodoties on Indue. 


SN7 Resources page for all fact checked info on the cashless welfare card

No Cashless Welfare Debit Card Australia

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This page is an information resource for activists supporting the growing campaign opposing the government's Cashless Welfare Card program


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Over The Wall
Informing people of changes within government services that impact upon the social safety net, and how to better deal with bureaucracy and how to protect your rights. Over the Wall offers some simple tools to fight back and defend yourself against a system that penalises people already disadvantaged by poverty and significant health conditions.


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