Summer Special: Billy X Jennings and the History of the Black Panther Party

Did you miss out on listening to the incredible story of the Black Panther Party in a keynote speech given by Billy X Jennings at the Marxism Conference? Aired during the usual City Limits program time slot, the speech will be available on demand for the coming week until Wed 13 Jan, 10am. Listen here to this amazing speech. Go to our Summer Specials page more information about the programming grid.

In the introduction by Gary Foley, Foley explains how the Black Panther Party were an inspiration to Aboriginal activists in Redfern and Fitzroy in creating self help programs such as the first Aboriginal legal and health services. Black Panther party historian and archivist, Billy X Jennings shares a wealth of information about the way the party formed, its methods of organisation and the philosophy behind its Ten Point Plan.