Sovereignty and Struggle for Independence - Human Rights Day Forum

Sovereignty and Struggle for Independence

Human Rights Day is fast approaching! On Sunday 8 December, 3CR is holding a Human Rights public forum to increase awareness and build support for sovereignty and independence in Australia, Sri Lanka and West Papua. Presenters will discuss ongoing issues related to Aboriginal Sovereignty, the plight ofTamils in Sri Lanka and West Papuan Independence as well as discussing the interlinked nature of these struggles. This forum will ask questions like: What does sovereignty and Independence mean in contemporary Australian society and politics? What does everyday colonisation look like in Australia? What is the direction forward for these struggles? This two hour forum and will feature activists and 3CR programmers Robbie Thorpe, Aran Mylvaganam and Sixta Mambor, as well as other speakers. We're also having an extending Q&A session so please bring ideas along! FREE entry, but limited spots. Tea and biscuits provided. At the Fitzroy Town Hall, Reading Room, Sunday 8 December from 2-4pm.