Live broadcast from the launch of new memorial to mark Victoria's frontier wars

3CR will be coming to you live from the Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner Memorial Launch this Sunday Sept 11th from 2pm -3pm. The building of this formal memorial to Victoria’s frontier wars is the result of 12 years of community action against the whitewashing of the brutality of colonisation and the frontier wars. 3CR has supported the campaign with an annual broadcast from the site of the executions of the 2 Freedom Fighters since 2008 and will be broadcasting live from the Standing By Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner Launch on Sunday.
Enpsychedelia have kindly given up their time-slot Sunday 2-3pm and will anchor the broadcast. You can hear Enpsychedelia in the Sunday 4-5pm time-slot instead
Congratulations to all those involved in bringing the memorial to fruition, without your efforts Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner would still be a footnote in Australian history.