Decolonisation and the Free Movement of People

3CR WOTL and Anarchist Bookfair WAR and RAC discussion panel.

3CR's Women on the Line and Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair recently facilitated a conversation between two staunch women about decolonisation and the free movement of people. Meriki Onus from Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance and Lucy Honan of the Refugee Action Collective discuss the parallels between their struggles that challenge the border, the nation state, and the violence used to uphold them. Listen to the Women on the Line program produced by Nicole Curby.

The program offers an edited version of a discussion recorded at Melbourne's Anarchist Bookfair, August 2015.You can listen to the full unedited panel discussion Here (DUR: 1hr 37min/16.79 MB).

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Decolonizing Solidarity