Music Sans Frontieres - Episode 4-10-22

Tuesday, 4 October 2022 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Playlist: 4-10-2022 presented by Joe

Miyapunu – Guwanbal Gurriwiwi and Netanela Mizrahi; The Djari Project [2020]*
Diyama - Ripple Effect Band; Wárrwarra EP [2018]*
Pinagsanga (nature) - Small Island Big Song; Our Island [2022]*
So Ubuji - Makaya McCraven; In These Times [2022]*
Lucid Dream - Përolas; Harpedelique [2022]*
Dans l'attente de l'oubli - Pia Salvia; Blissful Sigh [2020]*
nat yerso - Solomon Sisay; Sitota [2019]*

Interview with Olugbade “Bade” OkunadeGP Saxy” about being part of “Jazz Westside” at Las Palmas (Footscray Library Forecourt) on Saturday 15th October with Solomon Sisay and Black Jesus Experience. One of the many events from the extensive program that is the 2022 Melbourne International Jazz Festival

Aiyé Kòótó (Truth is Bitter) - Alárìíyá; Alárìíyá [2017]*
Doyenne - Thana Alexa, Nicole Zuraitis, Julia Adamy; SONICA [2022]
Retours - Atine; Persiennes D'Iran [2020]
Baraye - Shervin Hajipour; For Mahsa Amini (Soundcloud)[2022]
Sorrowful Spring - Atabak Elyasi & Mahsa & Marjan Vahdat; I Am Eve [2008]
Zabānè Ātash (Put Down Your Gun) - Mohammad Reza Shajarian; Zaban E Atash [2009]
Az Khoone Javanane Vatan (from the blood of the youth of the country) - Parastoo Ahmady;  Soundcloud [2020]
Morgh E Sahar - Mahsa Azimi; Songs in the Mist (Young Iranian Female Voices)[2016]
Blachav (Bella Ciao) - Samin and Behin Bolouri; For Mahsa Amini (video)[2022]
Ο Ιπτάμενος (the flying one) ft. Fotis Vergopoulos - Nikos Giras & Dimitis Karras; Compilation (Ogdoo Music)[2021]
Este Es El Rey (Caballero) - Melbourne Tango Orchestra; Video Single [2019]
I Can't Wait 'Til This Doesn't Matter - Pomaa; Let Her Rise, Let Her Bloom [2021]

Interview with Desmond Masé about his musical origins and applying to be a part of the Boite’s FLIGHT: Emerging Diverse Artists Showcase happening over 2 nights, October 6 & 7, at the Music Market, Collingwood Yards. Unit 2/35 Johnston St, Collingwood.
Tracks played AMORE / MOVES / REBEL

Just to Feed (excerpt) - Yi-Lynn; Foul Water EP [2022]

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Music Sans Frontieres presenters Therese Virtue, Joe Malignaggi and Leah Healy
Tuesday 12:00pm to 2:00pm
Music Sans Frontieres has been providing airplay, interviews and promotional opportunities for Australian musicians since 2006. We showcase the local talent of musicians from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds; from the Balkans to the choirs of Timor Leste; from Georgian polyphony to South African marabi. Music Sans Frontieres brings music from diverse and unique cultural groups to a broader listening audience. We respond to musicians' requests and are building a loyal, enthusiastic listenership.


Therese Virtue, Leah Healy and Joe Malignaggi.