Music Sans Frontieres - Episode 21-3-23

Tuesday, 21 March 2023 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Playlist: 21-3-2023 presented by Joe

Dark Moon, High Tide – Afro Celt Sound System; Volume 1: Sound Magic [1996]
Gasikara - Sandro, Siao-chun Tai, Mau Power & Airileke; Small Island Big Song [2018]*
Luces en el Cielo - Lagoss; Música Imaginária de las islas Vol.2: Ascensión [Discrepant/Keroxen][2012]
Alla Indore - Charlie Needs Braces; Saltwater People [2023]*
Dub Dupki - The Three Seas; Afterlife [2022]*
Shakar - Ladaniva; Single [2023]

Interview with Sicilian singer/songwriter, interpreter, researcher from Paterno, Catania, Sicily, Eleonora Bordonaro about her music making and especially her current project the Gallo-Italic language of the village San Fratello in the province of Messina, Sicily.
Tracks used: Ucch’i l’arma / Disidiru mangiari jancu pani / Li Fomni from the record Cuttuni e Lamé [2017]
Lule Lule from Sanacori [2021]
I Dijevu di Vurchean / Sprajammu di la Luna from the record Moviti Ferme [2020]

Lu Focu di la Paglia - CRIMI; Scuru Cauru [2023]*
Lule Lule - Sanacori; Sanacori [2021]*
Canzone Delle Donne - Kavisha Mazzella & The Joys Of The Women; The Joys Of The Women (Le Gioie Delle Donne) [1993]*
Napule mille ferite - RAIZ; Si ll'ammore è 'o ccuntrario d''a morte (Love is the opposite of Death) [2023]
Lu salinaru - RADICANTO; Alle Radici del Canto [2022]
soul - fhae; sombre thorax [2023]*
The Death of Rachel Corrie - David Rovics; The Return [2003]*
Interference 05 / Intifada - Kefaya; Radio International [2016]
Descent Into Music - Ruth Roshan & Tango Noir; Stories of Love & Regret [2015]*
Ovce - Lakiko; What To Do, How To Live? [2023]
Razbolje se šimšir list (A Boxwood Leaf Fell Ill) trad. Sevdah - Saray Iluminado; Nightingales in the Rose Garden [2015]*
Tsahpina - Erinaki; Einai Arga [2023]*
In Life Is Death, In Death is Life - Wendy Rule; PERSEPHONE [2018]*
Long Doll - Xylouris White; The Forest In Me [2023]*
A Piece of Sky - Suzette Herft; Roses [2019]

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Music Sans Frontieres presenters Therese Virtue, Joe Malignaggi and Leah Healy
Tuesday 12:00pm to 2:00pm
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Therese Virtue, Leah Healy and Joe Malignaggi.