Music Sans Frontieres - Episode 12-7-22

Tuesday, 12 July 2022 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Playlist: 12-7-2022 presented by Joe

diyalana – Allara; diyalana EP [2021]*
Baba - David Bridie & Allery Sandy; Wantok Musik Vol. 3 [2022]*
Wild Earthside Sea - Lady Lash; Spiritual Misfit [2021]*
Ngai Yulku Nhiina - Tilly Tjala Thomas; Single [2022]
Takutaku / He Kākano - Troy Kingi & The Upperclass; Pū Whenua Hautapu, Eka Mumura (Holy Colony Burning Acres (Maori Version)) [2022]
Maiea - Moana & the Tribe (feat. Megan Henderson); Ono [2023]

Interview with Parvyn about the video for the song “Irkha” from her debut solo record “Sa” released in 2021, launched earlier this year outdoors at the Malthouse and now playing in Brunswick at the Brunswick Ballroom on Friday July 15th.

Anchor / Irkha - Parvyn; Sa [2021]*
Al Gharba (Ft. Hend Elrawy) - Markus and Shahzad; Janna Aana[2020]*
Dusk - Raag Yaman (excert) - Liana Perillo & Dr. Sarita McHarg Borliya; Dawn | Dusk [2018]
Dewdrop - Përolas; HARPEDELIQUE [2022]
Destino - Alethia; First NFT Single [2021]
Granisczna Grumble and Lomianki Waltz - John Townley; The Sailor & The Mermaid [Lollipoppeshoppe][2021]*
Down to the Docks and Set to Sail - Stringflip; Stringflip [2021]
Leva-vaga - Filipa Cordeiro; Leva Leva - Litany of the Portugese Fishermen [FLEE][2022]*
Galatisi Zzappulìa-sardeddi / Claudio e Luciano - Oriana Civile; Storii - tra il Serio e il Faceto [2022]
LA TORRE DI BABELE - Bonaveri; Faol [2022]
UNNI SII - Unnaddarè; Sbiezzi’ (Black Pepper)[2022];
SANTIMAN LINIVERSEL - Mouvman Alé; Romans Non-Galizé [2022]*
Deep Heat (feat. Rara Zulu) - Ausecuma Beats & ZFEX; Deep Heat / Tropical Storm EP [2022]*

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Music Sans Frontieres presenters Therese Virtue, Joe Malignaggi and Leah Healy
Tuesday 12:00pm to 2:00pm
Music Sans Frontieres has been providing airplay, interviews and promotional opportunities for Australian musicians since 2006. We showcase the local talent of musicians from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds; from the Balkans to the choirs of Timor Leste; from Georgian polyphony to South African marabi. Music Sans Frontieres brings music from diverse and unique cultural groups to a broader listening audience. We respond to musicians' requests and are building a loyal, enthusiastic listenership.


Therese Virtue, Leah Healy and Joe Malignaggi.