Music Sans Frontieres - Episode 16-11-21

Tuesday, 16 November 2021 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Playlist: 16-11-2021 presented by Joe

Terra Australis… Danu – Kev Carmody; Recollections... Reflections... (A Journey) Disc 2 [2015]
Between The Pages - Raven & the Dove; The Valley [2021]*
All Africa (The Beat) – Melanie Charles: Y'all Don't (Really) Care About Black Women [2021]
Tuli Bakubuuka Mubire - Nilotika Cultural Ensemble; Nyabingi Resurrection [Switchstance Recordings][2021]*
Yarra - Ausecuma Beats; Musso [2021]*
Dub Divers - Tomaga; Nahma : A Gulf Polyphony [FLEE Project][2021]*
Third Day (Өченче) - Zulya; Six Days Loving / Алты көн ярату [2019]*

Interview with Zulya about the recording of Six Days Loving and the world premiere with The Children of the Underground at the Recital Centre Salon on Friday 19th November.

Sixth Day (Алтынчы) - Zulya; Six Days Loving / Алты көн ярату [2019]*
Jezus Malusieńki (Rework by Hania Rani & Dobrawa Czocher) - Hania Rani & Dobrawa Czocher; Winter Tales [Deutsche Grammophon ][2021]
Rituals and Invocations - Folclore Impressionista; Antologia de Música Atípica Portuguesa Vol 3 [Discrepant][2021]
Utomlyonoe Solntse - Anja & Zlatna; Ruse Kose [2014]
Pali (Again) - Marina Satti; Single [2021]
Monemvasia - Con Kalamaras; Lokridos Project [2021]*
Aspro e to Charti (feat. Anastatica) - Katerina Papadopoulou; Anástasis. a Journey Through Old Greek Music (feat. Anastatica) [2021]
Viersu - Matilde Politi & Agenti Mistiki'; Radici Confuse [2019]*
Anticchia Ri Paci - Paola Munda; Single [2021]*
Il Ritorno di Giuseppe - Fabrizio De André; La Buona Novella di Fabrizio De André in Siciliano (Cecilia Pitino, Alessandra Ristuccia, Laura Mollica, Giulia Mei, Beatrice Cerami)[2021]
Eucalipto – KHAOSSIA; MOSAICO [2021]
Abhi Apna Abhi Paraya Hai - Gaudi & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan; KARMA - is unforgiving and always gets payback [2021]*
Suroor - Arooj Aftab; Vulture Prince [2021]*
FEELINGS  ( Sitar/Zitar) – Sarita McHarg; You Tube [2019]

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Music Sans Frontieres presenters Therese Virtue, Joe Malignaggi and Leah Healy
Tuesday 12:00pm to 2:00pm
Music Sans Frontieres has been providing airplay, interviews and promotional opportunities for Australian musicians since 2006. We showcase the local talent of musicians from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds; from the Balkans to the choirs of Timor Leste; from Georgian polyphony to South African marabi. Music Sans Frontieres brings music from diverse and unique cultural groups to a broader listening audience. We respond to musicians' requests and are building a loyal, enthusiastic listenership.


Therese Virtue, Leah Healy and Joe Malignaggi.