Music Sans Frontieres - Episode 21-9-21 Lockdown 6.2

Tuesday, 21 September 2021 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Playlist: 21-9-2021 presented by Joe

River of Change – STAV. & Shirley Lynn; Single [2021] World River Day September 26.
Spring Song - Whirimako Black & Jonathan Besser; Tuwhare [2005]
Huakirangi ft. Shellie MorrisMoana and The Tribe; Ono [2021]
Kia Mau Ki Tō Ūkaipō / Don't Forget Your Roots - SIX60; Waiata / Anthems [2019]
Kei Tōku Ngākau Nei Koe / Always On My Mind - Tiki Taane; Waiata / Anthems [2019]
Karawhiua - Katchafire; Single - Waiata Anthems [2021]
Te Ara Tika (The Path) - Lorde; TE AO MĀRAMA EP [2021]
Freedom West Papua - Joe Geia; North South East & West [2016]
Ta’u Tama - Small Island Big Song; Our Island [2021]*
Danza della Luna - Erodoto Project & Miro String Trio; Mythos - Metamorphosis [2020]*
Sempri ccà - Mario Incudine; Abballalaluna [2007]
Spunta la luna - Tamburellisti di Torrepaduli; La via dell'armonia: pizzica d'autore (XO Publishing) [2020]*
Luna Lunedda (Pizzica) - Lucilla Galeazzi, Alfio Antico, Marco Beasley; Christina Pluhar: L'Arpeggiata; La Tarantella - Antidotum Tarantulae [2002]
Al Qamar (the moon) - Caruana Mundi; Biocrazia [2018]
Chasing Moonbeams – Debra La Velle; Single [2021]*
Any Better - 2 Inch Tape; Single [2021]*
Everything is Different (Бар да үзгә) - Zulya featuring Mubai (Ildar Mubarakshin); Six Days Loving / Алты көн ярату [2019]*
Arrows (feat. Allysha Joy) – Ajak Kwai; Red Sands EP [2021]*
Raised in the Savanna (ft. Amadou Suso) - Brotha Asanti; Single [2021]
Babalawo - PS5; Unconscious Collective [2021]*
Mount Ulysses' Secret – Pablo Naranjo; Single [ ? ]*
Golden Acacia – Melody Moon; Grow in Slow Motion [2021]*
Flowers / Above And Below / Underworld Queen / The Wheel Will Turn Forever - Wendy Rule; PERSEPHONE [2018]*
Mana, Spring has Come - CHÓRES; [At Bageion Hotel, Athens, Greece][2020]

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Music Sans Frontieres presenters Therese Virtue, Joe Malignaggi and Leah Healy
Tuesday 12:00pm to 2:00pm
Music Sans Frontieres has been providing airplay, interviews and promotional opportunities for Australian musicians since 2006. We showcase the local talent of musicians from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds; from the Balkans to the choirs of Timor Leste; from Georgian polyphony to South African marabi. Music Sans Frontieres brings music from diverse and unique cultural groups to a broader listening audience. We respond to musicians' requests and are building a loyal, enthusiastic listenership.


Therese Virtue, Leah Healy and Joe Malignaggi.