Gamblers Anonymous - Adrian on 08JUN2023

Thursday, 8 June 2023 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Gamblers Anonymous

Adrian is just over 30 years old and has been in Gamblers Anonymous for four and a half years. He discusses how his gambling progressed from sports betting with the help of older kids at 13 years old, underage horse punting at TABs with school friends to becoming a serious problem in his life before he turned 18. It affected Adrian’s school and personal life and mixing betting and drinking soon made his situation much worse.  He found recovery in Gamblers Anonymous after debt collectors contacted his parents and exposed his gambling addiction. He has now built a contented life without needing to gamble. GA helped Adrian to understand and overcome his addiction to gambling through the 12 Steps of recovery and he is keen to share his experience with other young problem gamblers.

If you’re having trouble with gambling, or have a friend or family member that does, then maybe Gamblers Anonymous could help – phone (03) 9696 6108 or visit their website for information and to see a list of local meetings.

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