Al-Anon Family Groups - Mark on 8 September 2022

Thursday, 8 September 2022 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Reacting to their behaviour

Mark grew up in a household in which his father drank too much and his mother tried to control her husband's behaviour. Naturally, in this situation, conflict ensued. In an attempt to hold his family together in the face of the conflict, Mark often found himself acting as peacemaker and go-between. In this episode, Mark discusses how he found support, first in Alateen where other teenagers shared their experience, strength and hope in dealing with family situations that were similar to his, and then in Al-Anon, where he developed an approach to self-care which makes for a peaceful and fulfilling life today.


If someone else's drinking is causing you a problem, then you can phone the Al-Anon Family Groups helpline on 1300 252 666 or go online at for more information.

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