And This One's Introduced By... Kit Convict introduces the songs from The Blowers album Blown Again

Wednesday, 7 February 2024 - 11:00pm to Thursday, 8 February 2024 - 1:30am
Blowers on And This One's Introduced By... with Dr Gonzo on 3CR

BLOWERS serve up another 14 slices of raw, lo-fi garage punk with their second LP, ‘Blown Again’. Out April 14, 2023 on vinyl, tape & digital via Chaputa Records (worldwide) & Spooky Records (Australia). 

Capitalising on their triple vocal attacks, blistering guitars and fast-paced tunes, ‘Blown Again’ is a tongue-in-cheek earworm of a ride laced with sick humour and shit-stirs. The album is chock full of "fuck you" themes, with tracks like ‘Shut The Fuck Up’, ‘Wipe My Ass’, ‘Slice’n’Dice’ and ‘Bad 4 U’ that jump off the record and grab you by the throat. 

Take a dive into the warped minds of Kit Convict (vox, guitar), Andrew Porter (vox, guitar), Shannon Aswell (vox, drums) and Pip McMullan (bass), who are often found in the dive bars and shit-holes of Melbourne, Australia. 

The album was recorded in a shared warehouse space on a cold and blurred weekend, engineered & mixed by Loki Lockwood, and mastered by Mikey Young. 

‘Blown Again’ is Blowers’ second LP, which follows up from their debut self-titled LP released to acclaim & disgust back in 2021 (Chaputa Records/ Spooky Records). 


Kit Convict from Blowers  joins Dr Gonzo to introduce the tracks from Blown Again on And This One's Introduced By...  on community radio 3CR.

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